Everything you need to know about Mold

No one wants to buy a house with a mold problem. Unfortunately, these sneaky little spores aren’t always easy to detect. If you’re house hunting, make sure that you get your house professionally inspected prior to the purchase, your home inspector may see obvious signs of mold or water damage. Zinc Inspections offers a variety of home inspections in Vancouver for both residential and commercial properties to detect these sorts of hidden problems.


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Facts about Mold:

  1. Mold is technically a fungus.

There are some 100,000 known species of mold. They come in a range of colors they can be found in the air and on many surfaces. Many popular kinds of cheese are made with mold. Penicillin was discovered from mold in 1958 and eventually antibiotics.

  1. Not all molds are harmful, we all live with some small amount of mold spores around us.
  1. However, some molds have been linked to respiratory illnesses including asthma, and people with allergies are more sensitive to mold, and eventually, prolonged exposure to the great volume of harmful mold could cause Heath issues.
  1. All it needs to grow is the smallest amount of moisture and some nutrient. It is impossible to remove all molds from your home but it can be controlled by removing excess humidity and moisture, and good ventilation.
  1. All visible mold should be cleaned with bleach-based detergent. For people with severe allergies an air quality test is recommended to make sure there are no harmful particles in your living space. The key to more control is the removal of any existing visible particles and control of your home humidity by having good ventilation.

Home Insception Vancouver

Home Inspection in Vancouver has gained popularity because it is a relatively simple process compared to purchasing a home. A home inspection by a qualified home inspection specialist is when an experienced home inspector conducts a visual inspection of the outside, interior, foundation, flooring, lighting, walls, ventilation, and heating system of the house and prepares a written report for the customer. The highest qualified home inspectors in Vancouver are licensed through the HIABC.

Zinc Inspections is owned and operated by Ali Javaheri who is a licensed member of The Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC) with more than 15 years of experience in BC’s housing industry.

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